Da Vinci XI Started Entering the Operating Rooms: An Account on Robotic Surgery

With time new advancements are taking place all around the globe. People are depending on machines for their work. Now is the time doctors too experience this transformation. Now, long hours tiring surgeries can be fun and made easier with the introduction of robots in operating rooms. The Da Vinci Xi is one robot that... Continue Reading →

3D Printed Organs Ready To Be Transplanted

The world of medicine is radically changing with the invention of 3D printers. Scientists, biological engineers and doctors are working hard to replace human organs with the printed organ models. This can significantly reduce the demand for organs needed for lifesaving transplant surgeries. Also, people will no longer die because of organ failure. Organs will always... Continue Reading →

Pocket Microscope

Innovators have brilliantly invented a way to fit the conventional laboratory research microscope in our pocket. This adjustable microscope is flat, inexpensive and unbreakable. This remarkable low-cost microscope provides an open science learning platform for all amateur scientists. The pocket microscope is an interesting creation of origami. This DIY microscope with the folding of paper... Continue Reading →

Is That You? An Account on Basic Personality Types

Personality, a vexed topic associated to all persons around the globe. The particular traits that we look for when we meet people. The keen observation of behaviors, habits, and gestures all comes under personality domain. According to American Psychological Association personality is the pattern of a persons' thoughts, feelings, and the showcase of their behaviors... Continue Reading →

Beware of a real Jerry around!

Jerry is undoubtedly the most adorable cartoon characters for a 90's kid. However, real-world jerry could be a threat to life. Rodents like rat and mice are equipped with sharp teeth and often carry communicable diseases that can be harmful to humans if it gets threatened. Therefore, it is essential to handle rats with great... Continue Reading →

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